The magic of an evening routine

The magic of an evening routine

‘Sleep is the best productivity app, ever.’

One of the biggest factors in you arriving ready to do your best work will be a good night’s sleep. Here are some tips:

1. BrainDump.

Spend 5 minutes writing everything down that is on your mind. Things you haven’t done. Emails you haven’t replied to. Get those ‘open loops’ out of your busy mind and down on paper.

2. Go to bed at your regular time.

The body likes routines.

3. Phone curfew.

Don’t look at your phone for two hours before bed. Blue light wakes you up. Make sure you go to bed tired, not wired.

4. Write your Three Aims.

Write the 3 things you are going to achieve tomorrow.

5. What are you grateful for today?

Who helped you today? What went well? What are you taking for granted that you need to say thank you for? Take a moment to say thank you.

6. Prime your subconscious.

Spend a few minutes before bed thinking about your Number 1 goal. Imagine as if you had already achieved it. And imagine how that makes you feel.

'Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious mind.' Thomas Edison.

7. Measure what matters.

I recently bought an Oura sleep ring. It measures your sleep. The hours. The quality. Your readiness for the next day. One side effect is that it has made me even keener to get to bed on time as I don’t want a low score. They have gamified my sleep - no bad thing.

Cheery pick what works for you.

Rest well.

Sleep well.

Work well.




David Hieatt

David Hieatt

Bankrupt at 16. Thrown out of college at 18. Joined Saatchi + Saatchi at 21. Started howies in 1995. Sold it to Timberland. Left. Started The Do Lectures. Started Hiut Denim Co.

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