Put the money in front of camera

Put the money in front of camera

When I was a young copywriter, I was taught a simple rule about making TV commercials: Make sure the money goes in front of the camera and not behind it.

If you had a small budget, spend the money on a great actor/actress. A remarkable location. A brilliant animator. But have a small crew. Fly economy. And stay in a cheap hotel.

It was a good rule of thumb for making sure the customer could see where the money went.

That ethos can apply to many aspects of your brand.

Especially product.

In short: buy the best ingredients.

We have all been to restaurants that are paying for the expensive décor by spending less on what actually matters.

The food on the customer’s plate.

And the amazing chef who knows how to cook it.

That money is ‘front of camera.’

David Hieatt

David Hieatt

Bankrupt at 16. Thrown out of college at 18. Joined Saatchi + Saatchi at 21. Started howies in 1995. Sold it to Timberland. Left. Started The Do Lectures. Started Hiut Denim Co.

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