Three Wins.

Three Wins.

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Welcome to week eleven of Three Wins in this format, where I walk you through my process of launching an online course in 2024.

Even if you are not launching an online course, this will help you think about whatever you will launch.

Last week was quite a week.

Four million people found out about a small jeans company via the BBC’s Inside the Factory. Every four million helps.

The following day, I did lesson 2 of Micro Blogs.

I am seeing the power of the Beta sessions and even more importantly, the power of community.

  • My sleep this week was one of the best weeks I’ve had in a long while.
  • I managed to do some form of exercise most days.
  • I walk to work. And back.

Yesterday, I met a close friend for breakfast before his operation next week. Next week will be a big week for him. Then I went off for my weekly massage with my other close friend.

Walked the dogs. Stacked some wood. That kind of stuff.

Next week, I will be back in London for Micro Blogs Beta 2.

Improve it BEFORE you launch it.

Who knew?

1.     The power of the UNSAID.

A company of one wants growth but needs companionship.

 - The dream of building your one-person company is real.

 - Doable

 - And yet, lonely.

No one is talking about this.

You must pick up the signals.

How a room comes alive when they do an exercise together.

When they ask for more time in the breakout rooms.

They are the clues.

-      My course is about how to write to get attention, but the UNSAID opportunity is to bring people together.

-      The capabilities they learn will be important.

-      That is the WANT.

But for it to over-deliver, to go to the next level, it must provide founders a place to chat with each other - The NEED.

If you can answer the UNSAID need, you are building something more powerful than expected. That is when word of mouth kicks in and does your marketing on your behalf.

That is because you answered what they are unwilling to talk about but secretly wish they could.

A win.

“Sell them what they want, give them what they need.” Tim Ferris.

2.          The power of a second chance.

Imagine if Steve Jobs had not gone back to Apple, I wonder if the iPhone as we know it now today would have launched.

 -      I think of launching in Beta as a second chance.

-      And third.

-      And fourth and fifth.

This week I am focused on Lesson 5.

Why structure is your friend. Why it makes it easier to read. Why does it get the attention of the brain so quickly?

Lesson 5 must be clearly understood, or the course will fail.

-      When I did the workshop in London, Lesson 5 didn’t land as I was expecting.

-      I need to make it clearer.

-      I need to show them examples.

As the rest of the workshop is all done, I can now focus on making Lesson 5 the most valuable lesson.

Then, in real time this Friday, I will find out if it landed.

 A win. 

3.          You have no choice but to overdeliver.

On Wednesday, I realised that the Online Beta 4-Lesson course is a 6-Lesson course.

 -      I’ll have to break it to everyone to expect more than promised.

-      I imagine it may go down well.

-      You never have to apologise for delivering more than you said.

That got me thinking about Apple.

Whenever I order something, they tell me a date. They ALWAYS beat it. Their system is designed to over-deliver.

That got me thinking, what if you ALWAYS over-delivered?

 -      You planned for it.

-      You designed it into your launch.

-      The first thing your customer gets is a ‘Nice Surprise.’

This Beta way of launching is teaching me a whole bunch.

 A win.

As always, I hope this was useful in some way.

Talk next weekend.

Have a good week.


If you are interested in joining the Beta Micro Blog System, find out more here.

If you missed last week's Three Wins, here's a second chance.








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