Three Wins.

Three Wins.


Three-minute read. Or less.

Welcome to another edition of Three Wins, where I walk you through my process of launching an online course in 2024.

Even if you are not launching an online course, this will help you think about whatever you will launch.

This week, we had confirmation from the BBC that Inside Factory will air in early January.

4 million people regularly watch it. It is on for close to an hour. They filmed Hiut over a year ago.

Sometimes, good news takes a while to arrive, but it tastes even sweeter when it does.

The Christmas party at Hiut was exactly what was needed.

A bit of eat-dance-laugh after a tough as-old-boots year.

I think 2024 will be more fun.

  1. Compression of time.

I don’t set an alarm clock unless….

I am going on holiday. I have a TV crew coming at 5 am. Or I am doing a podcast for Australia.

Other than that, I must guess what time it is when I awake.

I listen out for cars. I see how dark it is. And if I feel rested.

Then I get up and head to the shed.

-      And start writing.

-      I have 3 hours.

-      And no more.

As Rian Doris says: Flow before Phone.

(I invited him to speak at the Do 2024, but he couldn’t make it, but he said it was the best email for something like this he had ever had.)

Once the 3 hours are up, I go and do chores. Even though I have a big deadline, I only have that time.

 (This is Rian’s compression theory, and I must use my 3 hours with ultra-focus. It works.)

This week I finished Chapter 3 of the ‘How to Micro Blogs’ book.

It took longer than planned as it was a lot of research on the brain.

I posted the updated book to ‘Useful Books’ and am waiting to hear comments back.

Today, I must write Chapter 4 to stay on track.

This chapter is easier as it requires less research and more about the system I use for writing.

As hard as it is to launch a course by writing a book first, heck, it feels good.

Next level.

A win.

2.          More time on the main thing.

This week, I got to see what Cris had been working on for the design/look for the Micro Blog System launch.

He took me through his six ideas.

(I will share the behind-the-scenes next week.)

I wanted to change how we did things when we launched a course.

Normally, we do the design once the course is all finished.

And it feels like an afterthought. Good. It’s all a bit rushed.

But for Micro Blog System the desire is to do everything at another level.

And we want to integrate the design into everything we do.

It all becomes seamless and not just plonked on at the last minute.

I can’t tell you how good it is when a small team is all trying to do their best work.


-      Cris – Design. Making it all feel right and come together.

-      Joe – Growth. Getting everything on Kajabi to work.

-      Mike – Creative Director. Pushing all of us on ideas and research.


That energy. That hunger. That feels good.

A win.

3.          When you are busy, walk more.


I don’t know how many times I have walked down the hill and back up this week. The thing with ‘Compression of Time’ is you must have a hard stop.

But you need to recharge, which is time away from a computer and writing.

When I walk, I don’t listen to anything. I just chill out. Try not to slip and fall as it’s proper muddy.

But here’s the thing; I have more ideas when recharging than at any other time.


-      Compress time.

-      Hard stop.

-      But recharge is vital.

This week, as I walked down the hill, I had an idea to work with an editor to bring the final recordings of Micro Blog to life.


-      Animate this point.

-      Bring sound effects to that point.

-      Introduce a GIF to make another point.


Just like the top YouTubers do.

I don’t know why we have never done that before because it is an obvious idea.

My football club’s motto is ‘You Never Walk Alone’.


Because your ideas will come with you.

A win.

I hope this was useful in some way.

Talk next week.

Have a good switch-off this weekend. 


If you are interested in joining the Beta Micro Blog System, find out more here.





























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David Hieatt

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