Three Wins.

Three Wins.

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Welcome to another edition of Three Wins, where I walk you through my process of launching an online course in 2024.

Even if you are not launching an online course, this will help you think about whatever you will launch.

The landing page that Joe built on Kajabi worked well.


-      London Beta Micro Blog System Workshop Jan 5th. All places are gone.

-      London Beta Micro Blog System Workshop Feb 9th. All places are gone.

-      Online Beta Micro Blog System Workshop Jan 5th. 36 places left.

Today, I thought it might be interesting to share my learning from this week's Beta online course for 3-Hour Newsletter Academy.


  1. Less information. More frameworks.


For this online session of the 3-Hour Newsletter Academy, I whittled down the presentation by over 60 slides. The first session overran just because I filled it with too much information. I spent an entire day making it simpler.

I then made sure that I introduced the ‘framework’ as early as I could. And at the end, rather than finish with key takeaways, I ended with key frameworks.

It made it clearer for them to know what framework they needed to adopt to get a better result.

I also tried to show these frameworks in a simple triangle design.

 -     Clear.

-      Simple.

-      Easy to put into action.

This session finished exactly on time. And it felt better. It is hard to tell from an online session, but feedback was positive.

 I love the Beta tests.

 -     Iterate.

-      Make it clearer.

-      Go again.

I am thinking of doing a London Beta test workshop for 3 Hour Newsletter Academy.

There is nothing like listening to real-time reactions.

Then, I will launch it.

This way of launching a course has completely changed everything for me.

Next level. Loving it.

Teach framework


  1. Manage energy. Not time.

In the first Beta 2 Newsletter session, my energy was oddly low. At the time, I didn’t know why. I had a busy day. Not eating before starting the evening 7-9 pm session. Dumb.

I am my own worst critic, but, still, something was off.

The next morning, I woke up with the lurgy. Lemsips were my drink of choice.

On Thursday, I awoke fully recovered.

I went straight down the shed and recorded the session completely afresh. No one had asked for it. Maybe no one had noticed I was off the boil.

But the energy I had for the re-recording felt BRILL.

I got this message from someone who saw the NEW re-recording.

Even doing the re-recording felt like I went to another level.


  1. What if you could be better?

I remember watching Beyonce doing the rehearsals for her big tour. Months of crazy hard work. She is the best in the world at being Beyonce. But she doesn't take it for granted.


There is another level. This is what the Beta testing is teaching me.

The courses when I launch them will be better because I learned to listen, to accept this as a starting point, not an endpoint. And above all, clarity for your audience is the goal. And it is a process to get it.

I took this photo on a run in Brooklyn before doing a talk.

I knew it would come in handy one day.


I hope this was useful.

Talk next week.

Have a good switch-off this weekend. 


If you are interested in joining the Beta Micro Blog System, find out more here.

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David Hieatt

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