Three Wins.

Three Wins.

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Welcome to another edition of Three Wins, where I walk you through my process of launching an online course in 2024.

I had a deadline and my daughter’s birthday that I prioritised this week, so I had less time to write the book. If I have a good morning tomorrow, I will be back on track.

We still managed to progress the online course:

- We built a landing page from a Kajabi theme.

- We worked out how to add testimonials on video with ease.

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- Plus, we worked out how to survey visitors when they get to the website. So we can work out their needs better.

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Today, I thought it might be interesting to share our Black Friday campaign. Mostly because on Thursday morning, we had nothing.

I put aside Wednesday as a thinking day for it. But I had some lurgy. And Lemsip was the drink of choice.

My best idea that day was to go to bed early.

  1. Nothing like a deadline. 

The team had lots of meetings trying to get an idea over the last two weeks. But nothing came from it.

I got to the shed at 6am on Thursday morning. The previous night I went to bed early and had slept super well. The lurgy was gone. And I was with good energy.

I started my writing by asking how to get 1 million people to visit the Hiut Website.

I do that to get me to think bigger.

By 11 am I had nothing. I was making the mistake of writing about what we were against. It was leading me to sound like everyone else.

Black Friday is dumb. That is obvious. And that is what everyone is going to say.

Things got more interesting when I asked myself a different question:

Rather than what was I against, what was I for?

This led to this scribble:

  1. Ideas need execution.

I called Paul, the very talented designer we work with, at midday. He had already built the website and was awaiting some words. After lunch, we went through a first draft. By early afternoon, it was all signed off.

What I have learned is ideas are important. But so is the treatment—the design. How you bring them to life is more important than most people think.

So it’s a real joy working with Paul.

This is what it ended up looking like.

  1. Start with a big intent.

I started by asking how I could get 1 million people to see it. I think that challenges me to do something that will draw attention.

I don’t know if that target was achieved, but it got reshared a lot.

But I like that feeling before you launch something, and you have tried hard to do something good, but you are unsure if it will work.

That unsureness is important...

That feeling matters because you are NOT following your formula. When you follow your formula, there is little to doubt. You kind of know.

But when you try something new, that not being sire is also a feeling of excitement.

I like that feeling.

I hope this was useful.

Talk next week.

Have a good switch-off this weekend. 


On Tuesday, I am doing the second session in Beta 2 of the 3-Hour Newsletter Academy. Last week I was feeling below par, so I went and re-recorded the entire session on Thursday when I was better.

But I am loving of the incremental learning.

David Hieatt

David Hieatt

Bankrupt at 16. Thrown out of college at 18. Joined Saatchi + Saatchi at 21. Started howies in 1995. Sold it to Timberland. Left. Started The Do Lectures. Started Hiut Denim Co.

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