NFT’s are not a fad

NFT’s are not a fad

As a kid, I would have a choice between buying school dinners or collecting more football stickers for my collection.

My obsession and my stomach came to a compromise.

Most mornings I would buy white bread rolls straight out of the oven from the local baker. That would leave me full. And leave me some money left over to buy a pack of football stickers.

Kids love collecting things.

And when they grow up, they turn into adults who love collecting things.

Collecting is not a fad.

Therefore, NFT’s are not a fad.

Yup, Non-Fungible Tokens are having their moment in the sunshine.

And, sure, that bubble will burst.

But, when it does, they will come back stronger.

Because collecting is not going anywhere.

Ok, so how does this work?

Think of NFT’s as unique digital signatures.

On the blockchain.

It is proof that this is the real thing.

Scarcity needs proof.

Important for collecting.

The smart brands right now are just getting their hands dirty.

Learning how the hell this new space works.

It will be a chance to serve their community, earn their reputation, tell their story.

In new unique ways.

I have no clue what that will look like.

The user manual is yet to be written.

David Hieatt

David Hieatt

Bankrupt at 16. Thrown out of college at 18. Joined Saatchi + Saatchi at 21. Started howies in 1995. Sold it to Timberland. Left. Started The Do Lectures. Started Hiut Denim Co.

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