Three Wins.

Three Wins.

Three-minute read. Or less.

Welcome to week thirty three of Three Wins, where I walk you through my process of launching an online course in 2024.

Even if you are not launching an online course, this will help you think about whatever you will launch.

  1. Time. 🕰️

After a conversation with Clare this week, I am pushing the launch date back until September 2nd. She pointed out, on a practical level, if I launched at the end of June, everyone would be doing the 30-day writing challenge during August. You know, family time. Not good.

So yeah, it gives me time to go and do the money raise for Hiut and help the Do Team get our big event all done. I will use that time well.

It also reminded me that no one is stressed about the deadline other than me.

Maybe, that’s a reminder to everyone.

We set our deadlines. We can change them. And the product/course/you will get better because of it.

A win.

Filming is go.

  1. Money. 💰

Whatever you want in life is on the other side of having enough energy to get it.

This interview is about Jerry Seinfeld. It is about his 40 year practice of TM meditation. And how it made everything possible for him.

It’s really an ode to energy.

A win.

  1. Mojo. 🙏

I found this years ago.

I re-read it today. It has such wisdom on business and life. It doesn’t matter I have no clue on what his world is like.

Some values, some ways of doing stuff are just universal.

A win.

This is a good read.

As always, I hope this was useful in some way.

Talk next weekend.

Have a good week.


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David Hieatt

David Hieatt

Bankrupt at 16. Thrown out of college at 18. Joined Saatchi + Saatchi at 21. Started howies in 1995. Sold it to Timberland. Left. Started The Do Lectures. Started Hiut Denim Co.

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