Three Wins.

Three Wins.

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Welcome to week seventeen of Three Wins, where I walk you through my process of launching an online course in 2024.

Even if you are not launching an online course, this will help you think about whatever you will launch. 

This one is going out on Monday as our ferry got cancelled, so I don’t have the luxury of a writing shed in West of Wales to write from.

Last week saw a visit to No 10 Downing Street. If we put our political views to one side, here are a couple of stories from the visit.

Mrs Murty came up to me and held my hand and said that the Hiut documentary had made her cry. We talked about what Shinola had done in Detroit. I knew all about Shinola as they had spoken at Do USA.

I was introduced to Rishi and he asked what we did. I told him we make jeans. And he asked why our jeans were so special. At that precise moment, the photographer stepped forward and told him he was wearing Hiut’s. And had not washed the ones he was wearing for 12 years. And he explained why they were the best jeans in the world and for the world.

Sometimes, the universe has your back.

Afterwards, I went and met an old mate who has just got the all clear from cancer.

Back in the day, his skateboard shop went bust that we used to supply. He phoned me to say he was starting a new T-shirt brand. A decade or so later, he was in my kitchen, and he said, ‘Do you want to see a photo of my yacht?

He had named it after his skate shop.

  1. Standing desk ordered.

To do the filming in the shed for the Micro Blog course, I need to rearrange the shed. I need the cameras to be front on, and so I must turn the shed around.

It also means picking a neutral background to allow for graphics to be added to the film. BTW: I can recommend Kevin’s Dream Studio course. Everything from lighting to which cameras to buy to how to set up your studio. Worth the investment.

As part of the shed makeover, I wanted to invest in a standing desk. So I can film sitting down and standing up. It also helps with staying in flow when I write, so I spent months researching which one. 

I decided on the Charcoal desk brand, but they didn’t ship to the UK. I found out how to get around that. Then, when I went to order one, it was sold out. Plan A wasn’t available.

I found a simple one by Herman Miller and ordered it as I am on a deadline. It is on its way.

A win.

  1. Why LinkedIn?

On Wednesday, I did another Micro Blog Online Beta live stream. I shared my latest research with everyone. 

  • Why you need to know about their business model?
  • And why it means you can earn attention, rather than pay for it?
  • Why dwell time is important to understand?
  • Why does the 1% number mean you can still win on LinkedIn?
  • Why comments are more important than I used to think?
  • How to make meaningful comments?
  • How to upgrade your profile?

And much more.

On the night, we had a bunch of tech issues. But there was so much insightful gold for everyone; the feedback was amazing.

A win.

  1. More understanding on the power of community?

As I was driving over to Ireland, I was listening to David Spinks. Someone in our community had recommended him to me.

He had written a book titled, The Business of Belonging. How to make your community your competitive advantage.

The one big piece of learning for me was to build a community that helps the community. It was not lost on me that the reason I was listening to David Spinks was because someone in our community helped me know about him. 

That is something we need to design the course for. So the community helps each other. That is the power of the community: Everyone wants to help each other. 

A win.

As always, hope this was useful

Talk next weekend.

Have a good week.


If you missed last weeks, here it is again.

David Hieatt

David Hieatt

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